The Same Power

It's early Sunday morning. You're at the church before the sun even creeps over the horizon. You haven't had your coffee yet, and already you're dreaming of the post-service nap.

Do you often catch yourself in the middle of a worship set pushing through? Discouraged at a lack of response? Leading on autopilot?

Sometimes we try to lead people in worship on our own strength. And, if you've been leading worship for a number of years, you've grown accustomed to the the flow of worship. You're good at it. You know the right words to say, how to transition to a prayer or an offering, how to be enthusiastic during the fast song, and reflective during the slower songs. 

But it always seems that when we lead from our own strength, it can leave us feeling even more exhausted then when we hit snooze at 5:30am earlier that morning. That's because it was never supposed to be that way.

Be encouraged today that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive in you. That's true for every believer who has been born again in Christ, but as a worship leader, you get to be a conduit of Jesus's power and love to those who desperately need Him.