The Best Way To Lead Worship

Worship Leader:

  • Do you ever feel unqualified?

  • Too young? Too old? Too inexperienced? Not enough formal training?

  • Do you ever miss a note during a song? Blunder a speaking transition? Upset a church member or volunteer because of a decision you made or a song you chose?

  • Do you ever feel burdened by the weight of your role? If you’re honest with yourself, do you find yourself leading for the love and acceptance of the people around you?

There’s good news, my friends.

Jesus already loves you and accepts you right where you are. If he has called you to it he will see you through it! Your best efforts will never please everyone, but that’s never the goal.

This Sunday, remember that you are perfectly loved and fully accepted by God. It’s because of our relationship with him; not what we can do for him. That will change the way we receive criticism, serve our volunteers, and plan our setlists.

There’s a holy authority we receive when we lead from the deep well of God’s perfect love.

Lead from love and acceptance. Not for it.