Take A Chance

Every single job or opportunity leading worship I've ever had is because someone took a chance on me. Seems crazy, I know, but hear me out.

  • My first time EVER leading worship was for my youth group- All because my youth pastor took a chance on me.
  • I worked my first summer job as a worship leader/staffer at a christian summer camp in Missouri- The camp director took a huge leap of faith that I would be halfway decent. (I hope he was right).
  • Then there was that time I worked at Kohl's- I applied and never heard back, so I introduced myself to the manager and he hired me on the spot. He took a chance on me.
  • When I started to intern at my first church job- the worship pastor not only took a chance on me... he gave me responsibilities, and trusted me with them. That was huge.
  • I moved my family out to Houston, TX- all because a pastor took a chance on me!
  • Even where I'm planted now, at my incredible church in Jackson, MS - it's because someone believed in me.

 Now, maybe I'm just lucky. But I can't imagine how different my life would be if these people hadn't taken that chance on me. I wouldn't have had these incredible experiences to grow, learn, hurt, and believe in myself more fully because someone else did.

Which brings me to this question: who is in your life you can take a chance on? Who are you helping to grow?

You may be the catalyst in someone's journey- a piece of the puzzle for them to reach their full potential.

Invest. Share what you know with someone. Let them freaking do it. Go out of your way to resource them. Meet them for coffee. Believe in them. Help them up when they stumble. Encourage them when they flourish.

We all needed it at some point.