Passion > Polish

I once heard someone say that a passionate team always beats a polished program. I believe in that statement with all of my heart, especially when it comes to music in the church. I used to believe that the best worship teams had all of the nicest equipment, the brightest lights and the largest stages. 

I would honestly rather have a team who truly believes in their church and what Jesus is doing there than having all of those nice things.

We should be striving to create teams of passionate worshippers over polished stages and perfect services. Yes, put thought into your services, and always try to pull them off with excellence, but not to the point where it's all you care about. 

The most important thing your team can do is to lead like it's the last time - EVERY time. 

When your team leads with authenticity and joy in their hearts, the passion that pours out far outweighs the impressiveness of any fancy equipment you may own or executing a perfect service. The people who attend your church will notice authentic, passionate worship way more than your amazing gear.

So this weekend, take your eyes off of the polish, and lead your team and your church with passion. You won't regret it.