Learn How To Rest

Being a worship leader is an incredible, stressful, empowering, and blessed privilege. You do your best to put together songs that go with the sermon, attend meetings, schedule bands, rehearsal prep, leading rehearsals, and then making sure Sunday runs as smoothly as possible. It's a lot of little things that make a big thing happen. It's a lot of moving parts.  It's a lot of work. 

In all the mundane tasks you must accomplish to make a weekend seem effortless, I want to urge you to take care of yourself during the week. That means... REST. Not just more sleep, but actual rest. Here are a few examples:

  1. Stay in the word. Make sure you're constantly covering your heart, mind, soul, and spirit in scripture. As a worship leader, or anyone on a platform for the matter, you will be attacked daily. Make sure you're sharpening your sword and constantly staying connected with the Lord so when he calls you into action, you can hear him clearly. 
  2. Seek wise counsel. (Proverbs 12:15). Just because you are on a platform, that doesn't mean you've "made it". Not one bit. Find a mentor. This doesn't really seem like rest, does it? Trust me. Having someone who can pour into you, speak life to you, and build you up is just the kind of rest you need. I believe if you want to grow as a leader, this is a must. 
  3. SERVE. Now, this REALLY doesn't seem like rest. But it is! Nothing gives life more than serving someone. Going out of your way to serve someone else not only blesses them, but you will be blessed too. It's just the thing your spirit needs after a long week of work/tedious tasks. So whether its helping out with the preschool at church, feeding the homeless, or picking up someones bill at Starbucks... get out there and serve someone.

When God calls you into ministry and you respond with obedience, you will be truly blessed in your efforts and see God move in ways you've never imagined. Work hard. Rest well. 

Lead boldly this weekend.