How To Be Consistent

If you're a leader of any capacity, the greatest strength you can practice is consistency. 

People are willing to follow those who are consistent. Those who set goals and follow through with them. Those who start meeting on time. Those who know why they're doing what they're doing. You get it.

Something I've been learning as a leader is that to be consistent, you need to have clear expectations on your team, and reasons for the expectations. This is called a "system".

Your ministry is only as strong as your system. It's easy to change every little thing as they come when you don't have a firm system to place your ministry on. That's like building your house on sand, instead of a foundation. That's in the BIBLE (Matt 7:24-27) Boom.

What's a system? What does it look like? There are a million different styles and outlines, but Craig Groeshel, pastor of Life.Church, simply explains it this way:

Your team has to know:

  • This is WHAT we are doing.
  • This is WHY we are doing it.
  • This is HOW we are going to do it.
  • This is WHO is going to do it.
  • This is WHEN we will get it done.

When you're team knows your vision, and HOW and WHY to serve the vision, you'll see your ministry flourish. I encourage you to sit down and write a system for your team if you're in a leadership position. Systems create consistency. Be consistent.

Lead boldly this weekend!