Worship Leaders Can Serve Coffee Too

Serving in church is one of the greatest privileges in the world. Volunteers are the warriors who make EVERY SERVICE happen! A wise pastor once told me that a person usually decides whether they will come back to a church within the first 7 minutes of arriving.

That may seem extreme, but think about it...

A lot happens in the first seven minutes.

First of all, you have to find a place to park. If you're arriving at a church with multiple services and spend 20 minutes driving through traffic to find a spot, you may be frustrated enough to leave. Thank you, parking lot volunteers!

Once you make it to the doors, if no one is there to greet you with a smiling face, you may feel out of place or unwelcomed. Thank you, door holders!

If you have children, you may've already struggled to get them up, dressed, crammed into the car and to church on time. When you check them in with the kind, energetic, and watchful children's team, suddenly all of your worries about their safety have faded. Thank you, children's team!

Then there's the coffee team, who smile and welcome you as you take the steaming cup of "Thank you Jesus, now I can wake up", and head into the service. Thank you, coffee team!

You head into the auditorium and experience an amazing worship service and great preaching... all made possible by a team of production volunteers who are in the shadows. Thank you, production volunteers!

And then there's the worship team. The team that gets all of the recognition and praise. I'm a firm believer in being "church first". This means you serve WHEREVER you're needed WHENEVER possible. If you're a worship leader, please understand that its OK for you to serve coffee on Sunday! If you're under the illusion that your only role is to sing or play onstage, it's time for a heart check. You don't lose "cool points" for spending a weekend learning how to run lights, or hold a door for guests. If anything, it allows you to grow into deeper relationships with the people you're leading and serving with. It shows your people you're willing to be a team player both onstage and offstage by serving in other areas. I guarantee you won't regret it. 

When you volunteer to serve at church, you don't do it for the glorification of your hard work. Your reward is seeing life change. It's seeing people who were once far away from Christ come to a relationship with Him. And you get to play a part! If you're a volunteer- you are appreciated more than you know! If you're a worship team member- I URGE you to get off the stage and serve somewhere else once in a while. Experiencing life change never gets old.